Bug show 2010: Date is set

Very nice show at the famous F1 Racetrack Spa-Francorchamps.

Bugshow flyer 2010

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Blitskrieg racing club

These guys are realy serious when it comes to driving and dropping there splitscreen beetles!


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Ivan's second 1967

After owning his first 1967 Callook for more then 15 years, it wasn't time to sell that car, but just to buy a second one.  Ivan Mc Cutcheon is editor of Volksworld Magasine.  This is a very cool car, only under 30 000 miles since new, 2007cc JMR engine, Empi GTV steering wheel and genuine Porsche Gasburner wheels!

Ivan's 2nd 67 1

Ivan's 2nd 67 2

Ivan's 2nd 67 3

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Freddy files 2010

Be there or loose your hair :-)


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KG 1957 lowlight

Very similar to my example, this vintage speed lowlight is nearly finished in France.  Very nice color, engine and wheels combo.  Hope to get mine on the road in a couple of years.

KG 57 brown 1

KG 57 brown 2

KG 57 brown 3

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tero Virta's 1960 vert

After a 10 year ownership and restauration, my Finish friend Tero has finished his Karmann Beetle.  Hope to see it on the volksworldshow this year.

Tero vitra's 1960 cab 1

Tero vitra's 1960 cab 2

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Ninove 2010 the freddy files

To everybody who is planning already next season, be sure to book the best early meeting of the year in the cosy town of Ninove with fastfred en Kobus on charge of this wonderfull meeting.  The date is set on 14 march 2010.

Ninove 2009

Ninove 2009 2

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Le bug show

We went to Le Bug Show this weekend.  The club was reduced as some of us were still on holiday, but Gino, Peter and I went for the weekend. 

Blog 1

Peter took out his lovely Oval Convertable, now with painted sprintstarwheels.  A top 20 award and a photoshoot for Super VW were the result.

blog 2

Gino drove his panel van, witch is still for sale.  If you are interested, drop me a mail on lowlight@telenet.be and I'll bring you in contact with the owner.

Blog 3

Ghia Steph's Dyno Pincher was used as the promocar on the flyer for this event.  It raced on the track too...

Blog 4

Race-taxi bus had Porsche Turbo drivetrain and realy rocked on the track of the famous race-track Spa-Francorchamps.

Blog 5

I would have loved to take this one home, an early Ghia vert on sprintstars.  I need help!!!

Blog 6

All the show and shine awards were these plastic beetles, pinstriped for the occasion.  This one calls Opwijk-city home being won by Peter Bieseman...

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European Bug In 3

Yes, we are back from this major Event, which was great again.  Big thank you goes to all who have made this event to what it was.  It's getting better every year and the weather was just fine this year with no rain and a lot of sunshine.  To Fred, Mike and Kobus: Up to the next in 2011, it was large, guys...

EBI 3 2

Our Partyanimal Frank, does get competition from one of our own clubmembers.  Kurt, you were large!

EBI 3 3

Peter did won Best Vert with his 1955 oval convertable.  Miss Bug In, Monica, hands over the award...

EBI 3 4

DJ pete amused the crowd all weekend long.

EBI 3 5

Italian 1967 callook was awesome with sprintstars on Wide Oval Firestones on the back.  It got the Best Callook award, well diserved.

EBI 3 6

Ivan Mc Cutcheon's 1967 Callook on real BRM's last already more then 15 years and still rocks today!!!  I took her for a ride and that was an awesome experience!

EBI 3 7

Eric's 1966 Oldspeed was again very nice!

EBI 3 8

the flatline lowriders Callook set up...

EBI 3 9

Ex DKP 1967 from Doug Mitch now calls Ireland home in the Gasser Garage Collection of Russel Ritchie.

EBI 3 10

Nicolas' fastback is the best Callook Fastback I know.  The color is so nice together with the gold genuine Empi 8 spokes.

EBI 3 11

Dokke was the only member of DFL who hit the track with good results, low 14 s on the 1/4 mile.  Not bad for a 1776cc on IDA's.

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our trip to the super vw national...

begins with engine problems...the hart of the ruby red was leaking oil.

at first we changed the delco...

super vw 09 002



we thought we found the solution, but 20 km further we had the same problem.

maybe to much oil in the engine...

super vw 09 006



and while the mechanic did some work on the 1776...jean entertained himself

super vw 09 004


several km later we found out that the oil was coming from behind the poly at a higher speed of 95...that mains we had to do the next km at 90 km/hr.

in the early evening we came at our destination...

and there our personal cooks made a delicious evening meal

super vw 09 009

super vw 09 010


and jean...yep, entertained himself

super vw 09 011


the next day after breakfast

super vw 09 023


we went to the meeting with the whole gang

super vw 09 030


there we saw a lot of nice cars...

super vw 09 036

super vw 09 037

super vw 09 046

super vw 09 039

super vw 09 042

super vw 09 047

super vw 09 032

super vw 09 035

 super vw 09 034


in the evening we had a good diner at a local restaurant

super vw 09 054

super vw 09 055

super vw 09 056


later at the camping site we had dessert

super vw 09 057

super vw 09 058

and we find out that Fernando couldn't without sex for at least 3 days...

super vw 09 052


on sunday we drove back home and not without problems...the bay-window had some delco problems too

super vw 09 072


but our personal mechanics solved the problem

super vw 09 073


as always safety first

super vw 09 076


in the afternoon we found out that the mechanics made some modification on the steering too

super vw 09 082

super vw 09 083


during the trip back to belgium, Kurt's '67 mades his 10.000 km

super vw 09 079


last but not least I will thanks my driver for the safe trip...and guys thanks for the week-end

super vw 09 060

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GTV restaurations

Peter has put on my painted and detailled sprintstars, so the chromed ones can be saved for my lowlight :-).  Looks pretty nice.  Classic wheel on a classic car works always good.



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VW RETRO DAYS in Zemst Belgium

This was a nice meeting, fine location, the weather was nice and the organisers were very friendly!!!

VW Retrodays 3

I took home this Callook award from the EBI crew.  It is very nice to get an award after 12 years of restoration!  Thanks guys.

Peter's 55 vert won two, but I have to wait for him to mail me his pictures :-)

VW Retrodays 2

As I didn't want to kiss Freddy, he brought his lovely wife Isabelle to give me the award.

VW Retrodays 4

Very, very, very, very cool early baywindow was treathed with a Porsche wheel and brake treathment by our clubmember Gino "Cote D'or" panel van!

VW Retrodays  laddertruck

BBT came with the always popular Laddertruck!

THis was a great show and with more than 140 cars for the first time, the show really was a succes!  My son, Millo, won the drawing competition for kids and a new bike!!!  What a day!  I will not easily forget this one!!!

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Ready for France

Getting ready to go to the Super VW in France. Always handy to bring some parts back home-)


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My Callook bug almost ready for some action...

After 12 years of driving with an extremely lowered front beam on stock spindels, Peter Slambulance did a great job, lowering and narrowing the front of my beatle with lowered spindels so I can drive and enjoy it with comfort.  Thanks my friend!

My 1966 after PBW treatment

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Bug In 34

While the weather is turning bad here in Belgium, in California, they had a good time during Bug In 34.  The guys of EBI took the opportunity to promote their 3th edition in Juli 2009. 

Mike at Bug In 34

This car has been around for ages, and I like it since I first saw it more than 10 years ago on a picture of VW Trends.  It's DKK's Fred 1967 callook bug. 

DKK Freds 67

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Next chapter in the GTV Restaurations

After the Empi GTV steering wheels I restored in the past, I lay my hands on a set of Empi sprintstars.  They look like new again and I hope the guy who will borrow these for a wile will be happy...


2 x 4 inch and 2 x 5,5 inch



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No better place to brake down your aircooled VW

This 1303 vert on ATS wheels broke down just in front of my door.  I dropped everything and went to help a hand.  The guy was amased to hear a had a beetle too...  We fixed it and he drove home.  How cool is that?


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Our new recrute

I asked my jongest sun to choose his favourite T-shirt and guess witch one he choose...  Yeah right the club colors...



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Volksworldshow 2009


Peter made the trip to Volksworldshow in his 55 convertable.  He was invited to put his car in the carshow and Volksworld made some pictures for a magazine feature.



1967 white beetle hade a roofchop and some very nice vintage details like the lovered engine lid.  Nice


Lovely 1965-66 model on south african sprintstars.  I think the original owner (old guy of 70 years old) brought the car together with his grandson.  Would be a nice story.


Early beetle on sprintstars, always nice...


This lowlight was still for sale but made the trip to the UK.  I think the guy is from Austria as he is a member of the DKT club.



I've met the guys from airmighty (Holland) who brought a very nice and original second owner notchback.  Please check the story in the latest Volksworld.  Everybody dreams of finds like this...




Latest project of T2D was based on a brasilia, ultra low, owsome paintwork and as low as you can go!!!  Nice work guys....


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Volksworldshow 2009

It was large!!!!


Nice Split ragtop with 1915 cc engine



Ghia Stef's new race car was done by the paintbox and was very beautiful!!!

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Ninove 2009 - The Topless Edition

Around 16.00 hours in the afternoon, Peter got a little bit nervous after receiving a telephone call that his new car received a well deserved trophy at the show, and he needed to pick it up ASAP!!


Oops, to late to take a decent picture from him receiving the price



 One happy face!!!!!

Congrats Dude , well deserved!!

Check out http://freddyfiles2009.skynetblogs.be/ the next couple of days to see all the pictures, and to see all the winners! Some more beautifull cars from DAS received what they deserved.


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You can't see them all...

... the pictures of our cars on the net, but thanks to some friends, you get some in your mailbox from time to time.  This was was cought by Mike of DAS.  Thanks, Mike!


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Oval vert in the states

While our Peter is fixing his oval vert to be ready for the Freddy files, this one remains in the states and sure is a rare sight over there with semafores...

White oval vert

White oval vert 2

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Kever winterfestijn lowlight time

Another Staff writer of Boxertje, Patrick came with his latest acquisition, a lowlight convertable.  And what a car it was.  I saw Mexico pictures already, but seeing it in real was like a dream come true.  Awesome car, Patrick.

Blogs patrick vert 1

The car has a lot of goodies such as an 36 hp Okrassa engine!

Keverwinterfestijn 007

And a set of Empi radar wheels, yeah guys the real deal on this car and all these goodies on a lowlight convertable, oh, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogs patrick vert 2

An other lowlight was for sale, last year it was still a stocker, but this year they lowered it and put some Flat4 sprints on it.

Blogs Lowlight black

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Freddy files

With  4 convertables in our club, this years edition of the freddy files will be a blast!!!  Don't miss this event, because you will regret it!!!

flyer freddy files 2009

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Lowlight special

I hear here and there that this years Hessisch Oldendorf will have a Lowlightspecial.  I will certainly not miss this event!!

Hessisch Oldendorf 2009

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Frank the men!

Last week at the christmas market in Hamme the Flatline Lowriders had a little stand and Frank made some panecakes and they were very tasty with some hot chocolade milk. (And yes, I also use selfrising bloem for panecakes and I'm known in my family as a very good panecake maker...so Frank did a great job and is the best party animal the Lowriders could wish for)

Frank pannekoek

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Sandblasting weekend

This weekend we sandblasted the Lowlight body for the first time.  Gino of our club, did a great job sandblasting the body with respect for the lovely lines of the Karmann Ghia.  He eat all the dust and fired at me if I was in his way :-)  Thanks a lot, Gino.
Blog 1

The before shot...

Blog 2

Blog 3

Waw, a rustfree KG body

Blog 5

After the sandblasting the KG body got his first paintjob of zinkspray.

Blog 7

When driving home, I drove after the trailler (thanks a lot Jef for the transport) ans I saw myself allready driving the car in a few years...

Blog 8

Blog 9

Home sweet home...

There is still a lot of work on the body but this is already a big step in the right direction.

SPRINTSTAR restorations

Blog 4

My sprintstars were sandblasted to on the occasion

Blog 6

Hey, hey, hey Peter, are these the wheels you would fancy on your Oval convertable?  Well, I will have them panted and detailled first, my friend...

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Good times

It's really cold over here.  I think my framfilter will blow if I would stare my 1915.  Thinking about good times makes me forget the cold.  Here in France a couple of years ago.  Fastfred's lovely 1958 and my 1966, callook forever...

blogs fred and me

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Very cool 67

67 callook on sprintstars

This car was for sale a wile ago and I liked it so much, I thinking about owing a Lotus white 1967 on sprints one day...

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