Here's the men 2nd

Yeh, those engine rebuilding nights are allways lots of fun, 80ies music on the background comming from a 80ies radio,... what can I say more FUN, FUN, FUN!

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simply the best. Is this guy really drunk or am I mistaking? Or is he on the pills?
By the way.......he's the best!!

Gepost door: Kurt. | 28-10-04

Drunk? The only thing I gave him was one cup of coffee and two bottles of cointreau to join the cup, so, if he was drunk it certainly was allready BEFORE he entered my house. For a drunk men, he was still the best mecanic you can imagine.

Gepost door: Philip | 29-10-04

Not exaggerate Tell me when i get back on the ground

Gepost door: Marc V. | 01-11-04

drunk he was really drunk as a pig, i know him............

Gepost door: herr walter | 28-11-04

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