Kurt's testing Empi Bug

Kurt didn't really drove a lot with a bug yet as he used to collect pré 1967 busses, but with his 1967 standard callook almost finished, Kobus let him use his beautifull 1964 Empi bug, just to get used driving a bug.  As you can see on the picture, Kurt has no problems getting used to it!

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Cool Yes it was a cool ride, I was the passenger.
But Kobus at 185/hr, you can't lissen to the radio anymore!!!

Gepost door: Beetleboy | 06-10-05

hehe... and remember Frank, don't open the windows at speeds in excess off.......

Gepost door: Mr.K | 07-10-05

nice... nice salesmove !!!

Gepost door: ffred | 13-10-05

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