Vote this car and win......

I want to ask if you guys are willing to vote on this car, as it can win an award in the Super VW's Magazine. They have chosen 10 cars where You can vote for to be in the "TOP 10 2006" of Super VW. And this car is one of them. The voting ends on Januar 15th. 2007.

But, not only the car wins, You can win one of the Jada toys beetles in scale 1/24 ( value 26 euroz ). Out all of the cards 10 winners will be taken.


What do You need to do? Simple, but it takes 5 minutes and a poststamp. Send a Postcard to :
Super VW Magazine
Concours Jada Toys
B P   18

And write as comment : Full name, adress and (cell)phone number and the car of Your choise ( I prefer You take this car of course ) :

C - Number 209 Janvier 2007 - Cox 67 Old School

Many thanks in advance!!



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Nice 67 callook for sale

67 callook for sale 3


67 callook for sale 4

I saw this car on the samba and it looks very right, special bits as white needle empi gauges, hot 1776cc with Bergspecials, cabrio decklid, nice interior,...  It must have cost a fortune to build this car.  So to all female visitors of my blogs who live in the UK, have an aircooled husband and no newyears gift yet, go for it! 



67 callook for sale 1


67 callook for sale 2

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Education in the right way

If you take your kids to Plopsaland indoor in Hasselt (B), they can already feel how it is to drive a Volkswagen.  This attraction sponsored by Volkswagen, sure was my son Luka's favorite!



After all these features of Kurt's Ruby Red Callook in the magasines, you can image why he wanted to drive a red one.

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An other amasing Callooker in the make

My friend and fellow clubmember Peter, beter known as Peter Slambulance is building a really nice callook 57 ovalwindow bug.  Just take a look at his blog by clicking on the picture below.  At this blog to your favorites because he updates very often.

Peters 57 oval
Peters 57 oval under construction


Yes, you see this right, at this moment the ragtop is already welded in the roof.  Pictures very soon on http://oval57.skynetblogs.be

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Kurt's Callook in Super VW magasin

Our clubmember Kurt is happy these days seeing his Empi loaded 67 ragtop in a sixpage feature in the latest Super VW.

kurt in super vw 1


This is as good as it get's, full on nostalgia car.


kurt in super vw 2


kurt in super vw 3


According to Mike of the DAS, the pictures look very good if you see the magasine in real.  The mag comes out in the stores in a few days, so if you are as inpatient as I am to see this feature in real, get your ass over to your favorite magasinestore and post some comment of what you think of it...

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Dr. Detail

If you think you were polishing your vehicle to hard allready, your wrong, far wrong.  This is the way to go...




And if you own a RSR, the car is surely worth it!!!!

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It's getting colder

As our weather is getting colder now, I can't help it, but I'm thinking of owning a convertable one day... Strange hum...

66 vert


67 vert

Stock 67 convertable, more often then none, seen as a donorcar for this highly wanted one-year-only convertable decklid for callook sedans...

Vert on sprintstars


Chromed Sprintstars, Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

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