lowlight red & black

Another nice Red and Black exemple.  Allthough it could use a lowering job and a nice set of wheels.  Not for the purest here...

Ghia on Fuchs


Like this...

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lowest lowlight

This got to be the lowest lowlight on earth.

lowest lowlight


Red and black was the most popular color way back than and it still looks good.  This car is missing his chrome lines though.

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Erembodegem bis

Woh, I really missed something in Erembodegem last weekend with so many new Flatline-Lowriders cars on display.  Really nice sliding door panel from Gino, The "Miss Bug In" Crewcab from our ingeneer Peter (there are really some cool tricks on the drive train, check http://slambulance.skynetblogs.be for details) and finally Tom was able to get his 1968 Cab on the road again, in Old School stance, new wheels and new double carbed power this time and with a little help from friends...

Toms Callook cab


I couldn't make it myself.  I have won a track experience on the circuit of Zolder (B) in a Formule 3000 racetrackcar.  This was indeed a nice think to do and I saw my old friend Thierry over there.   He was happy to join me on the picture :-)

Boutsen en ik


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 Erembodegem 2007

Erembodegem 2007.
Nice weather, nice cars. Some of our clubmembers showed there new or pimped rides.
First , Tom's convertable, who received an engine job, new wheel combo and Oldschool stance. See for Yourself!! (lousy picture, but the best i could find.)


Second in row is Gino's new splitbus. Already on the right alloys, fuchs-what else and the right stance. More to follow. ( Gino gives free mouth on mouth breathing-this explains the green cross )



And last but not least........Slammed, narrowed and Sprintstars in the front...-)

And much more to follow, click at the picture and check for yourself





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My beetle

It was beetleday, yesterday.  Gave my beetle a full on megueairs wax-service.  You would say now that this car first came out 10 years ago.  The body feels like a baby's skine, but I guess I'm just the only guy who apreciates work like this.  The pervert in Dr. Detail came out yesterday...




Babyblue color, love it or hate it.  I'm still happy with it after all those year's...

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Squareback I like

If I had the money and a good place to stock her, this would be my next car... Just lower it and put some sprintstars on her...




Squareback I like


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