Ninove 2008 was rainy...

... but still a lot of fun!  Tom's really nice 1968 Vert took a well deserved Top 10 award.

Tom winner ninov 2008


The DJ bus of the flatline lowriders was once again a gast of honor...

DJ bus Kurt


Karmann Ghia was the theme this year and I can't remember a other Belgian Meeting with more lowlight ghia's in the past...  Well done Freddy, the weather didn't stop no hardcore VW-enthousiasts...

lowlight in ninove 2008


I hadn't seen this platina lowlight before.  This 1956 was stunning, still in it's original paint...

lowlight in ninove 2008 2


This Ghia was nice, sprintstars on a lowlight do work well ;-), but the car does need a lot TLC, the owner had a lot of guts to dair to drive it like this...

lowlight in ninove 2008 3

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Nen dikke proficiat aan ons Tommeken

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