It was large again!

Volksworldshow Ivan

Ivan Mc Cutcheon proudly wearing his T-shirt of a famous Belgian VW club!  it was large, my friend, great show!

Volksworldshow 1

Very beautifull callooks in there, like this subtile grey metalic Oval window with hot IDA engine and detailled fuchs alloys.

Volksworldshow 2

This shot was taken just when the doors gone open.  A lot of visitors came to the show this year, actually every year.

Volksworldshow 3
The T3D panel squareback.  This car was extremely detailled and is very rare indeed.  It made me think of that other nice car they had on show last year, the famous black squareback!

Volksworldshow 4

Belgian car on the show.  Stefan's 1963 Karmann Ghia Convertable. He had nice company of an other vert, the black 1958 karmann beetle in the back of the picture.

Volksworldshow 5

Race car's on display, like VW Gasser's garage EBI dragster.

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