Hannover 2008: the pics

Got to be one of the nicest moments for us on the weekend.  Meetingcruising in the Samba partibus.  Nine people inside, hot music and chill out!


Callook club display! Only two cars, but we are working on that!!!

Blogs FL 1


Blogs FL 2

And the bus line up and there has been worked on as you can see...

Blogs FL 5

DFL is such a nice callook club in Germany.  Many cars are so special and we really like them all... Great work guys!

Blogs FL 8

Georg Otto's Razor Edge Callook in the front, awsome car!

Blogs FL 7

An other special car that caught my eye.  Baby blue 67, american model and a rare set of wheels.

Blogs FL 3

Now that was an awesome callooker based on a post 67 model.  Very high attention to detail really worked well on this car.

Blogs FL 6

Kurt bougth an original VW-sign to put in the garage.  Club colors are a must on the meeting.

Blogs FL 4

Founding member Frank shows new member Nico how to walk in his clubcolors!

Blogs FL 9

Nico's ratlook oval made the 1200 km trip without any problems.  The 30 HP engine pulled really strong!!!


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