Articles in the VS Scene

Our clubmembers Nico and Jurgen got there Oval window beetles in the VW-scene.  Nice article guys. 

We do have quite some ovals in the club.  We only have 10 members, and there are 4 ovals:

* Nico's Ratlook on sprintstars
* Jurgen's Beautifull metalic blue on Flat4sprintstars
* Peter's Oval Ragtop: a hot callooker in the making.  I won't give to much details away on this one, but It sure is gonna be hot!!
* Peter's Oval convertable: a car witch will see some serious sun this summer hopefully!

Here is Nico's ratlook

Nico blz1

And then Jurgen's lovely Blue metalic Oval

Jurgen blz1

Do you wanna see more on these cars?  Get your ass to the local bookshop and buy a copy of the latest VW-Scene.

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