Articles in the VS Scene

Our clubmembers Nico and Jurgen got there Oval window beetles in the VW-scene.  Nice article guys. 

We do have quite some ovals in the club.  We only have 10 members, and there are 4 ovals:

* Nico's Ratlook on sprintstars
* Jurgen's Beautifull metalic blue on Flat4sprintstars
* Peter's Oval Ragtop: a hot callooker in the making.  I won't give to much details away on this one, but It sure is gonna be hot!!
* Peter's Oval convertable: a car witch will see some serious sun this summer hopefully!

Here is Nico's ratlook

Nico blz1

And then Jurgen's lovely Blue metalic Oval

Jurgen blz1

Do you wanna see more on these cars?  Get your ass to the local bookshop and buy a copy of the latest VW-Scene.

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EBI 2 is coming and here's a preview on some gagets

The dashplaque, order yours, because after the meeting the prices start to rise.

Bug in 2 dashplak

If you collect toycars than this is surely to be a collectors item in the future...  The EBI 2 splitwindow bus...

Bug in 2 bus

And for the september 08 version of DDD, this will be the dashplate

DDD 6 dashplak

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Fanshrould 1600cc(or more) 30HP style for sale

Hi I have this fanshroud for sale.  If you want some more space working on the carbs than with a original or 181 fanshroud then you should buy one of these.  I have this one for sale, panted gloss black for only 50€.  Email me on lowlight@scarlet.be if you are interested.


I have to clean it a little bit I see, but paint is still OK.  I saw these for sale in Budel at € 115!

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Only a few weeks for the bugin and my Car...

... is without engine and front spindles.  I'm going to put lowered spindels on it and new rotules and the plates inside the drivetrain.  I will hopefully have some confort after 11 years of hard times...



The engine is out for new carbs (48 IDA's).  I hope everything will be OK and well before the European bug in, but time is ticking...


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Budel finds

Went to Budel this weekend and found some Hella Clear red lenses for the backlights of my beetle.  I allready had red ones but repro's no originals.  Now I found originals and cleaned them up with toothpaste...



And a VDO oil temperature gauge I couldn't resist buying.  VDO pervertness.


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Some new parts for my VDO collection

Hello guys,

Here are some new gauges I bought in the states for my VDO collection.  USA specification gauges which I didn't have yet.


Philip, the VDO pervert

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european bug-in...

still one month to go...but do you remember...

the troubles on the road...

EBI2007 012


EBI2007 014

lots off food and drinks...

EBI2007 019


EBI2007 054



EBI2007 028


the security...

EBI2007 057


EBI2007 072


EBI2007 140



EBI2007 075

EBI2007 078



EBI2007 094


EBI2007 102


EBI2007 115


EBI2007 121


EBI2007 130


manneke pis...?

EBI2007 040


EBI2007 042



EBI2007 149


and last but not least...THE PARTY......

EBI2007 142

EBI2007 131


EBI2007 134


EBI2007 137

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