Le Bug Show

New location this year, with people saying good and bad things about the event.  I liked the location, but for me it won't be a bugshow like they used to be in Spa.  The track in Spa gives a special admosphere.  Here are some pictures taken by Speedwell, as my camera broke down the day of the event.  Thanks speedwell...

 Bugshow 2

 Bugshow 6

 This oval from Holland in Oldspeed style was very nice.  Real Empi 5's, oldspeed engine, nice stance, everything was there, even an Empi wheel and a very rare Eliminator shifter...

 Bugshow 3

This very low samba drove 1500 km to the show and NO air ride.  That must have been a hell of a drive, but boy, was this bus nice!!!

Bugshow 4

 I saw this KG vert for the first time in Erembodegem, where it had just been inported from the US, the car had an accedent coming to the EBI and had to be repainted partly.  It still stays a very nice vert.  A pré 67 KG vert is still on top of my list after the lowlight is finished.  I have plans enough untill I retire...

Bugshow 5

 We saw this late looker first in Hannover and it was awesome.  It was nice to see the car back here in Belgium.

Bugshow 7

TOPCLASS lowlight convertable.  It will get his Judson engine over the winter as I heart from the owner at the EBI2.  The security wouldn't let this car in to the show and shine at the EBI, but luckily I saw the car from up a 100 m and traced him in anyway!

Bugshow 8

 Can't get enough of this Samba...

Below, Callook forever...  Thanks speedwell for the pictures.
Bugshow 1

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