Peter's oval window convertable

I remember that Peter said to me to drive the car as it is when we came back from Germany the day he bought it, but things can turn out a little different from time to time.  This meant to be an easy resto, but there was some serious work on this girl.  You can check http:/slambulance.skynetblogs.be and follow the resto.  Don't forget to look at the speedy times it has been done. 

Gino did also a great job on spraying in a barn and then polishing the body.  Great result as you could see yourself at DDD.  I hope Peter will detail it a little more, so we can attend the VOLKSWORLDSHOW 2009 in this beauty.

If you were wondering about the wheels; They are the real deal Chromed Empi Sprintstars I bought for my lowlight almost 8 years ago, so for one trip only on the convertable.  Hope you liked it.



The car surely got a lot of attention...


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lookin good!!!!!!

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