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Hello guys, I have ordered a new company car today, so my AUDI A4 Avant S-line has to go.  It's a 04/2006 and it has covered 75 000 km since bought new by myself.  It's a 1,9 TDI with 115 hp and 285 torque, 5 speed transmission. 

Options: S-line pack with partly leather seats, sports interior, S-line suspention (nothing is better), acc. park system, Blaupunkt GPS radio/CD, 18 inch alu wheels as an original option, sun protection in the backdoors, alarm, ... 

I only sell because I get a company car, Exept from normal oil changes and tires, I had no costs on this car so far.

Interested?  Email: Lowlight@scarlet.be of 0494/57 36 72

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Audi A4 Avant S-line For Sale 014

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too late!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry guys you're too late i've bought this car !!!!!

Gepost door: tommeken tom | 07-12-08

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