Sandblasting weekend

This weekend we sandblasted the Lowlight body for the first time.  Gino of our club, did a great job sandblasting the body with respect for the lovely lines of the Karmann Ghia.  He eat all the dust and fired at me if I was in his way :-)  Thanks a lot, Gino.
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The before shot...

Blog 2

Blog 3

Waw, a rustfree KG body

Blog 5

After the sandblasting the KG body got his first paintjob of zinkspray.

Blog 7

When driving home, I drove after the trailler (thanks a lot Jef for the transport) ans I saw myself allready driving the car in a few years...

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Home sweet home...

There is still a lot of work on the body but this is already a big step in the right direction.

SPRINTSTAR restorations

Blog 4

My sprintstars were sandblasted to on the occasion

Blog 6

Hey, hey, hey Peter, are these the wheels you would fancy on your Oval convertable?  Well, I will have them panted and detailled first, my friend...

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Already thinking about them wheels on my convetible! The beam will be installed this week, so all is ready:-)

Nice job on the Ghia!

Gepost door: Slambulance | 21-12-08

what a hell of a job good job guys and let me know when i have to place all the elektricity in this car

Gepost door: tommeken tom | 22-12-08

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