Kever winterfestijn lowlight time

Another Staff writer of Boxertje, Patrick came with his latest acquisition, a lowlight convertable.  And what a car it was.  I saw Mexico pictures already, but seeing it in real was like a dream come true.  Awesome car, Patrick.

Blogs patrick vert 1

The car has a lot of goodies such as an 36 hp Okrassa engine!

Keverwinterfestijn 007

And a set of Empi radar wheels, yeah guys the real deal on this car and all these goodies on a lowlight convertable, oh, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogs patrick vert 2

An other lowlight was for sale, last year it was still a stocker, but this year they lowered it and put some Flat4 sprints on it.

Blogs Lowlight black

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