VW RETRO DAYS in Zemst Belgium

This was a nice meeting, fine location, the weather was nice and the organisers were very friendly!!!

VW Retrodays 3

I took home this Callook award from the EBI crew.  It is very nice to get an award after 12 years of restoration!  Thanks guys.

Peter's 55 vert won two, but I have to wait for him to mail me his pictures :-)

VW Retrodays 2

As I didn't want to kiss Freddy, he brought his lovely wife Isabelle to give me the award.

VW Retrodays 4

Very, very, very, very cool early baywindow was treathed with a Porsche wheel and brake treathment by our clubmember Gino "Cote D'or" panel van!

VW Retrodays  laddertruck

BBT came with the always popular Laddertruck!

THis was a great show and with more than 140 cars for the first time, the show really was a succes!  My son, Millo, won the drawing competition for kids and a new bike!!!  What a day!  I will not easily forget this one!!!

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