GTV restaurations

Peter has put on my painted and detailled sprintstars, so the chromed ones can be saved for my lowlight :-).  Looks pretty nice.  Classic wheel on a classic car works always good.



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VW RETRO DAYS in Zemst Belgium

This was a nice meeting, fine location, the weather was nice and the organisers were very friendly!!!

VW Retrodays 3

I took home this Callook award from the EBI crew.  It is very nice to get an award after 12 years of restoration!  Thanks guys.

Peter's 55 vert won two, but I have to wait for him to mail me his pictures :-)

VW Retrodays 2

As I didn't want to kiss Freddy, he brought his lovely wife Isabelle to give me the award.

VW Retrodays 4

Very, very, very, very cool early baywindow was treathed with a Porsche wheel and brake treathment by our clubmember Gino "Cote D'or" panel van!

VW Retrodays  laddertruck

BBT came with the always popular Laddertruck!

THis was a great show and with more than 140 cars for the first time, the show really was a succes!  My son, Millo, won the drawing competition for kids and a new bike!!!  What a day!  I will not easily forget this one!!!

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Ready for France

Getting ready to go to the Super VW in France. Always handy to bring some parts back home-)


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My Callook bug almost ready for some action...

After 12 years of driving with an extremely lowered front beam on stock spindels, Peter Slambulance did a great job, lowering and narrowing the front of my beatle with lowered spindels so I can drive and enjoy it with comfort.  Thanks my friend!

My 1966 after PBW treatment

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Bug In 34

While the weather is turning bad here in Belgium, in California, they had a good time during Bug In 34.  The guys of EBI took the opportunity to promote their 3th edition in Juli 2009. 

Mike at Bug In 34

This car has been around for ages, and I like it since I first saw it more than 10 years ago on a picture of VW Trends.  It's DKK's Fred 1967 callook bug. 

DKK Freds 67

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Next chapter in the GTV Restaurations

After the Empi GTV steering wheels I restored in the past, I lay my hands on a set of Empi sprintstars.  They look like new again and I hope the guy who will borrow these for a wile will be happy...


2 x 4 inch and 2 x 5,5 inch



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