our trip to the super vw national...

begins with engine problems...the hart of the ruby red was leaking oil.

at first we changed the delco...

super vw 09 002



we thought we found the solution, but 20 km further we had the same problem.

maybe to much oil in the engine...

super vw 09 006



and while the mechanic did some work on the 1776...jean entertained himself

super vw 09 004


several km later we found out that the oil was coming from behind the poly at a higher speed of 95...that mains we had to do the next km at 90 km/hr.

in the early evening we came at our destination...

and there our personal cooks made a delicious evening meal

super vw 09 009

super vw 09 010


and jean...yep, entertained himself

super vw 09 011


the next day after breakfast

super vw 09 023


we went to the meeting with the whole gang

super vw 09 030


there we saw a lot of nice cars...

super vw 09 036

super vw 09 037

super vw 09 046

super vw 09 039

super vw 09 042

super vw 09 047

super vw 09 032

super vw 09 035

 super vw 09 034


in the evening we had a good diner at a local restaurant

super vw 09 054

super vw 09 055

super vw 09 056


later at the camping site we had dessert

super vw 09 057

super vw 09 058

and we find out that Fernando couldn't without sex for at least 3 days...

super vw 09 052


on sunday we drove back home and not without problems...the bay-window had some delco problems too

super vw 09 072


but our personal mechanics solved the problem

super vw 09 073


as always safety first

super vw 09 076


in the afternoon we found out that the mechanics made some modification on the steering too

super vw 09 082

super vw 09 083


during the trip back to belgium, Kurt's '67 mades his 10.000 km

super vw 09 079


last but not least I will thanks my driver for the safe trip...and guys thanks for the week-end

super vw 09 060

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trip to the Supervw Dj Pete a awesome report of our trip.
Like the picture's to.
Can't wait to read the story of the Bug In trip

Gepost door: partyanimal | 14-06-09

Super VW Nice one... and just wait for some more days and you will get a report ofi the Slambulance blog... but first I need to go get my ass home from the soud of France (and I do not want to leave here... it is above 30degrees with a swimming pool and a sea close by!!)

Anyway... see you guys within a few days!

Gepost door: Peter | 14-06-09

super vw report Couldn't have done it better myself-) nice job Mr. Assistent Webmaster.

Gepost door: Kurt | 14-06-09

Great job and thank you for giving me a good name!!!!

Gepost door: JEAKE | 15-06-09

Aircooled VW's Nice pictures guys! There looks like some stunning bugs there!

Gepost door: Dave | 17-07-09

Aircooled Volkswagen Pictures Hello Guys,

I love that split beetle it looks great! In fact great pictures all round!

Keep 'em going!


Gepost door: Dave | 17-07-09

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