European Bug In 3

Yes, we are back from this major Event, which was great again.  Big thank you goes to all who have made this event to what it was.  It's getting better every year and the weather was just fine this year with no rain and a lot of sunshine.  To Fred, Mike and Kobus: Up to the next in 2011, it was large, guys...

EBI 3 2

Our Partyanimal Frank, does get competition from one of our own clubmembers.  Kurt, you were large!

EBI 3 3

Peter did won Best Vert with his 1955 oval convertable.  Miss Bug In, Monica, hands over the award...

EBI 3 4

DJ pete amused the crowd all weekend long.

EBI 3 5

Italian 1967 callook was awesome with sprintstars on Wide Oval Firestones on the back.  It got the Best Callook award, well diserved.

EBI 3 6

Ivan Mc Cutcheon's 1967 Callook on real BRM's last already more then 15 years and still rocks today!!!  I took her for a ride and that was an awesome experience!

EBI 3 7

Eric's 1966 Oldspeed was again very nice!

EBI 3 8

the flatline lowriders Callook set up...

EBI 3 9

Ex DKP 1967 from Doug Mitch now calls Ireland home in the Gasser Garage Collection of Russel Ritchie.

EBI 3 10

Nicolas' fastback is the best Callook Fastback I know.  The color is so nice together with the gold genuine Empi 8 spokes.

EBI 3 11

Dokke was the only member of DFL who hit the track with good results, low 14 s on the 1/4 mile.  Not bad for a 1776cc on IDA's.

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