Le bug show

We went to Le Bug Show this weekend.  The club was reduced as some of us were still on holiday, but Gino, Peter and I went for the weekend. 

Blog 1

Peter took out his lovely Oval Convertable, now with painted sprintstarwheels.  A top 20 award and a photoshoot for Super VW were the result.

blog 2

Gino drove his panel van, witch is still for sale.  If you are interested, drop me a mail on lowlight@telenet.be and I'll bring you in contact with the owner.

Blog 3

Ghia Steph's Dyno Pincher was used as the promocar on the flyer for this event.  It raced on the track too...

Blog 4

Race-taxi bus had Porsche Turbo drivetrain and realy rocked on the track of the famous race-track Spa-Francorchamps.

Blog 5

I would have loved to take this one home, an early Ghia vert on sprintstars.  I need help!!!

Blog 6

All the show and shine awards were these plastic beetles, pinstriped for the occasion.  This one calls Opwijk-city home being won by Peter Bieseman...

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The pink one looks quite retro doesn't it?

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