Ninove 2010 the freddy files

To everybody who is planning already next season, be sure to book the best early meeting of the year in the cosy town of Ninove with fastfred en Kobus on charge of this wonderfull meeting.  The date is set on 14 march 2010.

Ninove 2009

Ninove 2009 2

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Hello friends, I´m Thyago from São Paulo, and living in Maranhão-Brasil.
I´m visiting to say hello and good luck with our volkswagen’s, because I also have a 70-Bug and a 73-TL!

Gepost door: Thyago Novaes | 13-08-09

Nice Rides I love it! Seeing those bugs all lined up is very cool! The split is awesome!

Gepost door: Volkwagen Guy | 19-08-09

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