Ninove 2010 the freddy files

To everybody who is planning already next season, be sure to book the best early meeting of the year in the cosy town of Ninove with fastfred en Kobus on charge of this wonderfull meeting.  The date is set on 14 march 2010.

Ninove 2009

Ninove 2009 2

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Le bug show

We went to Le Bug Show this weekend.  The club was reduced as some of us were still on holiday, but Gino, Peter and I went for the weekend. 

Blog 1

Peter took out his lovely Oval Convertable, now with painted sprintstarwheels.  A top 20 award and a photoshoot for Super VW were the result.

blog 2

Gino drove his panel van, witch is still for sale.  If you are interested, drop me a mail on lowlight@telenet.be and I'll bring you in contact with the owner.

Blog 3

Ghia Steph's Dyno Pincher was used as the promocar on the flyer for this event.  It raced on the track too...

Blog 4

Race-taxi bus had Porsche Turbo drivetrain and realy rocked on the track of the famous race-track Spa-Francorchamps.

Blog 5

I would have loved to take this one home, an early Ghia vert on sprintstars.  I need help!!!

Blog 6

All the show and shine awards were these plastic beetles, pinstriped for the occasion.  This one calls Opwijk-city home being won by Peter Bieseman...

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