Good times

It's really cold over here.  I think my framfilter will blow if I would stare my 1915.  Thinking about good times makes me forget the cold.  Here in France a couple of years ago.  Fastfred's lovely 1958 and my 1966, callook forever...

blogs fred and me

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Very cool 67

67 callook on sprintstars

This car was for sale a wile ago and I liked it so much, I thinking about owing a Lotus white 1967 on sprints one day...

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Slambulance drawings

Some nice Slambulance drowings.  Wheels are a few inches larger, but i like the result very much.

Slambulance drawing 1

Slambulance drawing 2

Slambulance drawing 3

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For Sale: Dr. Detail's daily

Hello guys, I have ordered a new company car today, so my AUDI A4 Avant S-line has to go.  It's a 04/2006 and it has covered 75 000 km since bought new by myself.  It's a 1,9 TDI with 115 hp and 285 torque, 5 speed transmission. 

Options: S-line pack with partly leather seats, sports interior, S-line suspention (nothing is better), acc. park system, Blaupunkt GPS radio/CD, 18 inch alu wheels as an original option, sun protection in the backdoors, alarm, ... 

I only sell because I get a company car, Exept from normal oil changes and tires, I had no costs on this car so far.

Interested?  Email: Lowlight@scarlet.be of 0494/57 36 72

Audi A4 Avant S-line For Sale 010

Audi A4 Avant S-line For Sale 014

Audi A4 Avant S-line For Sale 016

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Look at those cool drawings...

Of our Gino's Cote D'Or bus...

Gino's bus tekening 1

Gino's bus tekening 2

Check out Kama's blog and see more of those http://kama.skynetblogs.be

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Volksworldshow 2009

Thinking about the next season already.  This is a show I won't miss anymore.

volksworldshow 2009 the flyer

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Now what do you do...

... on those rainy days, well just think about the good times...

Blogs FL 1

Trip to Hannover was very cool this summer...

Blogs FL 5

Blogs FL 4

Blogs FL 6

Blogs FL 8

DFL club line-up was awesome.  You got to love Mr. Otto's Type 34 callook, with even a faster engine for next season...  We went to the DFL 10th anniversary last week and it was very well organised.  Congradulation guys and up to at least an other decate...

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Nice blue 67 callook

Built more than 10 years ago, but still going strong.

nice 67 blue

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Tom's callook vert in Ultra VW

At the latest Bug Show Tom was invited to let his car being photografed by Mike Key of Ultra VW.  Please watch out for the wonderfull pictures in that magasine.  I'll inform you when it will be published.  Late model callookers do work nice from time to time and Tom's convertable is the prove of that! 

Tom's cabrio @EBI

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Peter's oval window convertable

I remember that Peter said to me to drive the car as it is when we came back from Germany the day he bought it, but things can turn out a little different from time to time.  This meant to be an easy resto, but there was some serious work on this girl.  You can check http:/slambulance.skynetblogs.be and follow the resto.  Don't forget to look at the speedy times it has been done. 

Gino did also a great job on spraying in a barn and then polishing the body.  Great result as you could see yourself at DDD.  I hope Peter will detail it a little more, so we can attend the VOLKSWORLDSHOW 2009 in this beauty.

If you were wondering about the wheels; They are the real deal Chromed Empi Sprintstars I bought for my lowlight almost 8 years ago, so for one trip only on the convertable.  Hope you liked it.



The car surely got a lot of attention...


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Just came back from the first day of DDD 6.  It was large again...




I think this 67 will become a US version very soon.  I truely love this car, with it's subtile color, nice stance and swedish only brown interior.


Track action, oh yeah.


My sons were with me at DDD and they had a real good time.  Here is Millo, my youngest and he is really crasy about our little bugs.  When he sits next to me in the beetle, he just asks: Floor it, daddy... and then comes the smile on his face!

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New girl in town

Partyanimal, Frank has bougth him an new ride.  How about a 1967 vert will be a very smooth callook convertable.

Franks new 67 vert

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Le Bug Show

New location this year, with people saying good and bad things about the event.  I liked the location, but for me it won't be a bugshow like they used to be in Spa.  The track in Spa gives a special admosphere.  Here are some pictures taken by Speedwell, as my camera broke down the day of the event.  Thanks speedwell...

 Bugshow 2

 Bugshow 6

 This oval from Holland in Oldspeed style was very nice.  Real Empi 5's, oldspeed engine, nice stance, everything was there, even an Empi wheel and a very rare Eliminator shifter...

 Bugshow 3

This very low samba drove 1500 km to the show and NO air ride.  That must have been a hell of a drive, but boy, was this bus nice!!!

Bugshow 4

 I saw this KG vert for the first time in Erembodegem, where it had just been inported from the US, the car had an accedent coming to the EBI and had to be repainted partly.  It still stays a very nice vert.  A pré 67 KG vert is still on top of my list after the lowlight is finished.  I have plans enough untill I retire...

Bugshow 5

 We saw this late looker first in Hannover and it was awesome.  It was nice to see the car back here in Belgium.

Bugshow 7

TOPCLASS lowlight convertable.  It will get his Judson engine over the winter as I heart from the owner at the EBI2.  The security wouldn't let this car in to the show and shine at the EBI, but luckily I saw the car from up a 100 m and traced him in anyway!

Bugshow 8

 Can't get enough of this Samba...

Below, Callook forever...  Thanks speedwell for the pictures.
Bugshow 1

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EMPI GTV steeringwheel resturation

I spend some time the last days restoring two Empi GTV Steeringwheels from Kurt "Empiparts" Van Perre.  The result looks good to me and they still have the originality of a genuine GTV wheel.  Let the pictures speak for itself.  If you want me to restore your GTV wheel or other wooden sportswheel, just Email me on lowlight@scarlet.be and I'll make you an reasonable offer.


Kurt gave me a 14 inch and a 15 inch wheel to restore.  The alu hub was re-polished again too all in the original style.



The lacquer used on the wood doesn't give scratches easily and for a wheel that is important!


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Roland 68 callook

the living proof that late models do work as a basis to build a Callook beetle.  This great little car was a star at the EBI 2.  Very nice car, Roland.

Das Roland 68

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EBI the party

Like last year we organised a little party at the EBI on friday and saterday night.  We had our gast DJ Ivan Mc Cutcheon from Volksworld who is certainly a crowd pleaser.  Everybody was having a good time.  Thanks Ivan!

Party 1

Partyanimal Frank was the guy to rule the show, but hey, that why we call him the partyanimal anyway... great job Frank.

Party 2

Partybus in style, 67 samba on sprintstars...

Party 4

Party 3

DJ Ivan runs the show

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Happy to have my engine the way I wanted it

I was happy, my car was ready for the EBI with my Italian 48 IDA's in the back.  I just love the way the car sounds now.


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Kurt's the winner

An other award for Kurt's 67 std ragtop.  Truly awesome callook indeed!

kurt at EBI 2

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KG lowlight ex DKP

this lowlight was bought by it's current owner in the USA from a DKP member.  Very nice car.

Blogs 12

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Blogs 9

The DFL line-up was the nicest clubdisplay this year.  This is a nice callook club with very cool and fast cars.

Blogs 10

Franse Fred just finished his blue callook for the show.  The bumpers were not ready yet, so he put T-bars on it.  Nice ride with a vintage Empisprint-kit engine in the back and a lot of Empi accessoires.

Blogs 11

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Tom's Callook vert was at the callookarea hole weekend.  This car has a very nice stance.

Blogs 7

BBT brought this splitwindow ragtop to the show.  I think it was for sale too.  Cars like this aren't commen these days.  Very nice ride.

Blogs 6

Xavier from DAS changed his gasburner wheels into centerline wheels, nice...

Blogs 8

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EBI 2 pictures

After a family holiday I finally got some time to post some pictures...

Blogs 1

Karmann Ghia line up was awesome.  More lowlights than I can remember...

Blogs 2

Blogs 3

Best of show went to Marc's Oval Callook.  A very subtile car with nice details, as there are the geniune 4,5 and 6 inch fuchs wheels, 48 IDA engine and driven from and to the show from Denmark. Nice car.

Blogs 4

Blogs 5

One of my favourites at the show was this 1967 callook from Italy with south African Sprintstars, Speedwell gauges, hot engine and very nice stance...


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FOR SALE: VDO oil pressure and temperature gauge set

Here you have a vintage set of VDO VW gauges for Oil pressure and Oil temperature. The pressure one is NOS, the temp. gauge is in good used condition. The gauges have both good chrome rings and these would look great and periodly correct in Oval/sixties beetles/karmann Ghia's and all other VW's.

Email me if you are interested on lowlight@scarlet.be Price: 200 €

I can delever for free at the European Bug In in Chimay(B) next weekend.

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Articles in the VS Scene

Our clubmembers Nico and Jurgen got there Oval window beetles in the VW-scene.  Nice article guys. 

We do have quite some ovals in the club.  We only have 10 members, and there are 4 ovals:

* Nico's Ratlook on sprintstars
* Jurgen's Beautifull metalic blue on Flat4sprintstars
* Peter's Oval Ragtop: a hot callooker in the making.  I won't give to much details away on this one, but It sure is gonna be hot!!
* Peter's Oval convertable: a car witch will see some serious sun this summer hopefully!

Here is Nico's ratlook

Nico blz1

And then Jurgen's lovely Blue metalic Oval

Jurgen blz1

Do you wanna see more on these cars?  Get your ass to the local bookshop and buy a copy of the latest VW-Scene.

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EBI 2 is coming and here's a preview on some gagets

The dashplaque, order yours, because after the meeting the prices start to rise.

Bug in 2 dashplak

If you collect toycars than this is surely to be a collectors item in the future...  The EBI 2 splitwindow bus...

Bug in 2 bus

And for the september 08 version of DDD, this will be the dashplate

DDD 6 dashplak

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Fanshrould 1600cc(or more) 30HP style for sale

Hi I have this fanshroud for sale.  If you want some more space working on the carbs than with a original or 181 fanshroud then you should buy one of these.  I have this one for sale, panted gloss black for only 50€.  Email me on lowlight@scarlet.be if you are interested.


I have to clean it a little bit I see, but paint is still OK.  I saw these for sale in Budel at € 115!

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Only a few weeks for the bugin and my Car...

... is without engine and front spindles.  I'm going to put lowered spindels on it and new rotules and the plates inside the drivetrain.  I will hopefully have some confort after 11 years of hard times...



The engine is out for new carbs (48 IDA's).  I hope everything will be OK and well before the European bug in, but time is ticking...


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Budel finds

Went to Budel this weekend and found some Hella Clear red lenses for the backlights of my beetle.  I allready had red ones but repro's no originals.  Now I found originals and cleaned them up with toothpaste...



And a VDO oil temperature gauge I couldn't resist buying.  VDO pervertness.


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Some new parts for my VDO collection

Hello guys,

Here are some new gauges I bought in the states for my VDO collection.  USA specification gauges which I didn't have yet.


Philip, the VDO pervert

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european bug-in...

still one month to go...but do you remember...

the troubles on the road...

EBI2007 012


EBI2007 014

lots off food and drinks...

EBI2007 019


EBI2007 054



EBI2007 028


the security...

EBI2007 057


EBI2007 072


EBI2007 140



EBI2007 075

EBI2007 078



EBI2007 094


EBI2007 102


EBI2007 115


EBI2007 121


EBI2007 130


manneke pis...?

EBI2007 040


EBI2007 042



EBI2007 149


and last but not least...THE PARTY......

EBI2007 142

EBI2007 131


EBI2007 134


EBI2007 137

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