Christophe from DAS got married!

Last weekend Christophe "Orange 72" got married and fellow DAS members were all there.  The Flatline Lowriders are wishing him and his wife all the luck and perhaps some little boys or girls in the future...


See http://das.skynetblogs.be and http://kobus.skynetblogs.be for burnout pictures at the church!


Christofs orange se marrie DAS


Christofs orange 72 DAS


Christophe has a very nice 72 in it's bright period orange color and a hot IDA engine in the back! 

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Bend it like Bert

Check out the brandnew TIII Innovation from Bert.





It comes with a Brandnew blog dedicated to the TIII Skid plates.


http://benditlikebert.skynetblogs.be/ go check it out :-)





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Some movies of our trip.


" target="_blank" border="0">


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First pics....

Finally managed to get some spare time to post pictures of our Heavenly trip to T3D.

Here are some of our tooooo early take off!!


t3d 003


t3d 001


Arriving at Calais in style


t3d 014


t3d 015


t3d 011


t3d 013


Leaving Calais in style was a little bit more complicated as we tought. Our good Friend BerT3 had a kind of accident driving in the Eurotunnel Train. His frontbeam got stuck between 2 wagons and Bert wanted to drive trough but the car wanted to stay ....so this is the result.


t3d 020


t3d 026


t3d 028


Bert was not happy....Anyway he left his signature in train 23 forever!!


t3d 029



The Chunnel Towtruck towed us out of the train and dropped us at the first gasstation.










We waited for another 3 hours before the Towtruck showed up to take the T34 back home. So with this spare time we took the oppertunity to play around. Kobus managed to let some police men (who stopped to check us out) pose for a very classic picture.


t3d 032




t3d 033



Even Freddy had some spare time


t3d 031


At last.....


t3d 034


In the meantime Gunter from CSP arrived at the gasstation and followed us to Heaven.....


First stop..............BURGER KING!!!!!! And Peter Slambulance seemed to have a crush with the lady in the red T-shirt...  If he didn't have his wife and two kids yet, who knows what could have happened.


t3d 036


t3d 035


t3d 037


After 12 hours we finally arrived at T3D's new mansion.....






First thing to do, set up the DJ boot, wich is our Flatline Lowriders Party Bus


t3d 039


Saturday evening BBQ and party.


t3d 049


t3d 050


t3d 051


t3d 052


t3d 053


t3d 057


t3d 058


t3d 059


t3d 060


t3d 061



Our hotel.


t3d 044


t3d 043


Camp out in front of the hotel




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T3D open house

We are of ( at least some of us ) to the T3D open house!! Together With Fastfred, Kobus, and another bunch of guys.



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Very nice Bug In picture's

By www.djivy.be .  Thanks to DJIvy to drop them in my mailbox.  Enjoy his slideshow on his website.

BugIn nice pic 1


Laurent's lowlight original interior.  Yes you read that right, no fancy uphostering job by a professional, just cleaned and 50 years old.


BugIn nice pic 2


Just look at the sky, this is what the EBI was, calliforniaweather in Chimay Belgium....  The weathergods were with us...


BugIn nice pic 3


Could have been the line-up of the Californania restocalclub the german folks, but no this was European Bug In in Resto Cal style.  Very nice cars...


These pictures are so nice, they look like postcards to me witch I should buy if they were offered.


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Tom 's messing around

Our clubmember Tom did like the naked woman in the magazine of his neighbour more than the trackaction at the latest European Bug In.  Bad Boy...



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Partyanimal guides You!!!

The Partyanimal guiding the cars trough the show&Shine at the first EBI in chimay.

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Unclear Video of the Partynight!!


Made by DJ Pete.


" target="_blank" border="0">

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Saturday night party



2nd night , 2nd party. This time our Resident DJ Gino played the crowd.






The crowd gone wild...












Lady of the house mixing coktails





As usual, and embarrasing even after so many times, Peter from PBW could not hold himself and needed to show up in his underwear (again...)




My mistake, if you look closer to the next pic, You can clearly see that Peter is behind the wheel of his new finished ride.....









Is this PBW publicity or not?????




And than, 1.30 at night, gues who showed up again.......right, Ivan could resist for the 2nd time in 2 days!!!




And happy as usual-)




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BRM's amongst each other.....








Next year, we definitly need Ivan's car to put up in line!!

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Ex-DKP1 car

One of my favorite cars from Russel ( who else )


original BRM's , oh yeah!!









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Show & Shine






















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New ride

Ottobros presenting "Dangerine"  


They took away the award of "Best Type 1 Drag"




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More gassers and dragracing






























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Misssssss Bug-In

Believe me , Snapping pictures of the Misses isn't hard, posing with them, that is what it's all about!  I remember Fernando would let snap himself with these misssesss








And here WITH some of the clubmembers ( watch the move ).








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Gasser Garage

Some Gasser Garage Drag Racing on Saturday


Thank You Russell for the Gasser Garage Flag!!













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Presenting DJ Ivan Mc.


Presenting You on the EBI 1 : Dj Ivan Mc. @ the Fridaynight Show and Shine party

Only in the "Official European Bug-In Party Bus"
Proudly presented by the Flatline Lowriders











Kopie van 2007_0702EBI20070025

And Our Personal Partyanimal and Provider


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Lost in Chimay

For those who think it isn't possible, WE did it at some point we followed a road sign to chimay and got lost in the fields. We pulled over a friendly guy from the local post-office, and he guided us trough the beautiful fields.



Thank You Mr. Postman!!


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Some (stolen) pics from our rides at EBI 1.












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Sono test from the Disco Bus @ EBI




Check out this cool video!


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These guys drove already 1400 km's from there home in Finland, First to Bad Camberg, then to the European Bug In.  Isn't that the right spirit?  Nice to see you again Tero, unfortunatly I didn't have much time to speak to you, but we will surely meet again.


Please, visit tero's website, because it's awesome!




Tero's car is the black Oval window beetle with real gasburners and mostly first paint, still looking good after all those years.  Don't change it Tero, I like it a lot as it is and first paint cars are hard to find these days...



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We all miss EBI

Already the 4th day after the very cool meeting in Chimay and we're still kicking off.  All we can do is post some pictures aren't we...



Erik's car proves that you don't need a oval or splitwindow to make a perfect oldspeed racer.  How about this very clean enginebay of this sweet 66.  He got an award for this brilliant car!


Jorans drag


Joran's dragster was launching very hard.  Allways nice to see you, Joran at the shows.


Nice bordeau KG


Very nice KG came from Danmark with 3 fellow clubmembers of a nice little callook club.




These guys of Greenheart UK callook club shared our gitte (where we stayed over night, it's called a gitte in the south of Belgium).  I like their cars alot and also there attetude.  They all drove their cars to Belgium.  None of them came on a trailer.  Most of them drove 48 IDA's.  Very high quality cars.




If I'm not wrong was this a new car for the greenhearts.  Unfortunately he ran a flat tire coming up to Chimay I suppose as he had a sparewheel in the front at one side.  Still a very nice car though...


Otto Bros new ride


Dangerine was the new dragcar for the Otto Bros.  With the first time out the car ran low 11's, so there is definatly more to come.  Nice work guys.  Don't even think that the buggy is kicking Dangerine's ass, as this was only a burn out warming the tires up.  Dangerine won the race.  The Otto Bros purple 67 was for sale at a reasonable price.

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Show awards

Our very own Kurt got his 1967 callook in prices again.  This car stays a piece of history with real BRM's, genuine Italian NOS 48 IDA's and lot's of Empi parts on a standard 1967 ragtop car.  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is rare!  People who appreciate originality and genuine parts are over the moon when they see this car, others don't understand why the wheels look so dirthy on an restored car :-)


Kurt's 67


Kurt's 67  2

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Very nice cars at the European Bug In

I thing lots of people worked on their projects just to get them ready for this meeting.  We saw a lot of beautifull cars and allthough there were 35 awards, choosing them was a very difficult job!





Laurent's lowlight Ghia looked very, very good with it's new wheels.  This car is an exemple for everybody who's restoring a lowlight Ghia. (including myself)




The engine wasn't running yet, but this wasn't stopping Fabian to bring his Empi loaded 1960 standard to the show.




El Dub's 1967 Empi GTV was a real part of Callook history.




Big engined Oval Ragtop with unusual wheels was an eyecatcher.  The car came and went on a trailer as there were some clutch troubles.  This is the prove people really worked untill the last moment before the show to get there rides ready.


Russels garage


This were only a few cars Russel from Gasser Garage brougth to the show.  This guy is crasy about period racers and cars with a history and he has made himself a nice collection yet.  Russel was one of the guys who made it possible to let us feel the real spirit of the USA Bug Ins, as Dyno Don came over to five comment true the speakers like he did on all those USA Bug Ins! 


Ivan's 67


One of my alltime favorite Callook car doesn't even come from the USA.  It's Ivan Mc Cutcheon's 1967 US spec beetle, with a 2007cc in the back and 48 IDA's.

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It was large...

The EUROPEAN BUG IN was large.  I think everybody will agree it was a fantastic weekend with good weather (let's just forget about Friday), great cars, lot's of stripaction and a real BUG IN athmosphere!  As this was the first time the event took place there are allways things that can go better, but nobody could imagine it would be soooooo LARGE.  Congredulations to Kobus, Fastfred and Mike for bringing such a nice USA spirit to Europe.



We went to the BUG IN with 3 callook Beetle's and 4 splitscreen buses.




Kurt's Samba being the Bug In Disco Bus all weekend long, with gast DJ's as Ivan Mc Cutcheon of Volksworld!!!




But also our own DJ's GINO and PETER Linden pleased the crowd!!!




Gino's Bus got a new chocolate paint just before the event.




Peter Slambulance just finished his DOCA before the show.  The organisers asked him to use it for the Miss Bug In and the giving away prices of the Show 'n Shine.  See the bus in action below...




Peter's doca miss

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Finally ready just in time for the European Bug In

What used to be a before event shot, I just took it this morning.  Only because we had little time to loose before the event.


I was proud that I could go to the Bug In with my new 1915cc engine in the back.  It runs really great.  Thanks to everybody who made this possible.


Big thanks goes also to Tom for helping me putting the engine in my car, to Kurt for letting me use his very good Dell'Orto carbs and to 2 enginebuilders who helped me (you know who you are guys)!


Philip with new motor


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BUG IN coming up

Oh yeah, the Bug In crew were there too, with only a week before the show everybody (including me) is getting nervous to get our cars ready, but as our own Peter says, you still got 7 days and then all those nights!!!

bbt2007 042


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BBT's Open house was large...

Thursday before Bad Camberg was the open house of BBT in Belgium, with free drinks and food for everybody, very nice athmosphere, beautiful cars and busses from all over the world.

bbt2007 012


bbt2007 006

bbt2007 023


If there is food and drinks, we are there!!!

bbt2007 020


Still ordering parts for our cars to get them ready for the European Bug In.


bbt2007 041


Always nice to talk to people like David Mayes (USA) who you know from the internet and e-mail, but every four years he comes over for Bad Camberg.

bbt2007 011


Thanks Bob, it was a nice evening!

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Gino want's to tell a story

Dear Peter and Ank,


I want to thank you both for letting me prepare my bus for painting in your garage.  Casper liked it a lot that there were so many busses in Peter's garage, but I understand that it wasn't always easy.  Big thanks again!  For all the other readers, hereby a picture of my bus "before" I started to prepare it for paint.


Gino Browny Bus (GBB)

Gino's bus before


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